Beauty Bible: Elizabeth Arden Smokey Eyes Powder Eye Pencil

Now this little cheeky was a freebie from when I had a terrible facial at the Oxford Street store. I complained and I complained, and I chased and I tweeted about the treatment or lack of treatment that me and my friend received when we booked our facials at their store.

Anyway, kindly, the team at Elizabeth Arden sent me some lovely gifts to say sorry and the Smokey Eyes Powder Eye Pencil was one of them. Now I’m not really a smokey eye kind of girl. I have been known to black my eyes a bit too panda-like in the past, and when my dad made a comment about my sister (bless her) having ‘two black eyes’ from her overuse of eyeliner…it made me think just how easy it is for it to go wrong.

I normally stay away from eyeliner in the day time, and leave it to dramatise my eyes at night. I’ve never been one of those girls who can pull off a heavy look in the day, damn you grunge look, why don’t you like me? But with the arrival of this beauty (and expensive beauty, it retails at around £18) I thought why not give it a go.

I put a slight bit in the corners of eyes and smudged with the foam applicator at the other end of the brush, and considering I’d not lined my whole eyes, the effect already was pretty dramatic. I got asked at work if I was wearing more make up than usual by several colleagues and I did feel slightly self conscious that I may have entered the realm of ‘ho make up’ for work…

After a few hours, I forgot about it, and bloody rubbed my eye didn’t I! Well just as well because upon going to the bathroom, I realised that the ‘powder’ part of this pencil product was just that and it had flaked underneath my eyes, leaving me as panda-ry as ever. It’s such a shame because this light wear and tear has put me off using it for nights out now where I’ll be dancing and getting sweaty. I don’t want the fear of my eyeliner running down my face like someone on E in the Hacienda in 1991. Those are just not the vibes I’m going for. Overall I don’t rate this product and definitely not for the hefty price. Like I said, I’m not a regular eyeliner user, but for the products I have used, I’ve found cheaper ones like Collection 2000 and Miss Sporty have had better staying power than this ‘powder’ version.

Overall rating: 2/10

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