I’m 24, so what was I doing when I was 14?

I’ve just turned 24 so I had a little think about what I was doing 10 years ago when I was 14 and what my life was actually like. So here in the format of a true English exercise book comparison table, is my life in 2005 and 2015 in all its gelled back haired glory…

The Year was: 2005

The Year is: 2015

I was in Year 9 at Cheadle Hulme High School, I was just about to choose my options for my GCSE years. I chose History and Drama…lol I’m working at the BBC as a Proposals Assistant in Factual. I’m just about to choose my next direction of where I’ll go next. I currently do history research and script read drama
My friends were: the girls in my form ‘9CM’ who were the original form ‘7.6’ girls. Yeah, we ate lunch in the canteen and scowled at boys in the playground, cool. My friends are: Only a couple of the original ‘9CM’ girls I actually talk to now and we kind of mixed up forms after that. Since then I’ve acquired a couple of close uni friends and a wonderful person I met on the train who count as me close ones.
My Music Taste was: Anything from the NOW! Albums. I think me and my friend Sophie liked singing along to Christina Aguilera (badly) and P!nk because she could hit the low notes and I liked checkered wrist bands. I think this is also the year I went to 2 McFly concerts with a banner saying ‘Dougie I Love You, I Wish I Was a McFly On Your Wall’. My Music Taste is: Oh I am going to sound so boring to say ‘eclectic’ aren’t i? But honestly, I’d still listen to McFly if they came on my iTunes. My music taste is definitely from my stepdad and he used to be a DJ in Blackpool in the 90s so I mean, I obviously have taste.
My websites were: I think I’d just cut ties with my Piczo account once and for all. Xox-grace-xox.piczo.com was no longer a pink glittery timewarp of ‘Dis me and me m8s frm skwl in da plyground’ collages and ‘ryt who u luv in da box below if u dare!’ but instead a lost piece of internet bound to resurface when I’m famous along with my myspace profile pictures of only half my face. My parents also still had dial up so I mean I was only allowed an hour on MSN a night and would hope they’d forget to unplug it by being distracted by Eastenders. My websites are: The same main two that everyone uses, Facebook and Twitter still revolve around my everyday internet haunts but so does Hotmail.com and I would have wondered why I would be using Hotmail for anything other than signing into Myspace when I was 14. I drop by The Pool and a few bloggers every now and again on rainy lunch breaks but the way I use the internet is so much more Reddit than I could have imagined at 14 when the internet was still kinda new and I actually was forced to use HTML coding to get my song to play on my Myspace profile.
My Spare Time was spent: With my friends at the park, or at the cinema because the bus used to only cost 40p each way. I think we used to go to Stockport and go in Claire’s accessories and um and ah on whether to spend £2 on these cool cute skull hair clips for school but then how could we afford a Maccies too? I only got £5 a week in pocket money, so that Maccies was golden. I think this is also the year that I started drinking 1/4 litre of vodka mixed with Fanta Fruit twist around the back of the Methodist church. I like to remind my mum of those times…she looks upon them so fondly… My spare time is spent: Working my second job. Drinking tea at 10pm with my flatmate after we’ve both got in from work. Overspending at the weekend on rubbish alcohol in equally rubbish places but doing so to hang out with friends. My spare time is spent so much around wanting to be with people. I’ve kind of forgotten how to be on my own and I feel guilty for doing nothing. Whereas 14 year old me would have stayed in bed til 12pm, eaten all the food in the house and still gone out for a Maccies at 3pm.
The clothes I wore were: The choice between jeans and these two Tommy Hilfiger tshirts I got from a holiday to America with a waistcoat from New Look or a Ra Ra Skirt with flat boots. Style didn’t really hit me until around 15/16 so I mean I was still dressing in 915 and Tammy girl. RIP STOCKPORT TAMMY GIRL The Clothes I’m wearing: Aren’t designer or even really top end high street because I live in London and can’t afford them. 10 years from now when I’m 34, I’ll be like OMG LOL AS IF I USED TO WEAR PRIMARK AND ACTUALLY THINK I LOOKED GOOD but until that far away day comes, I’m going to just take outfit selfies and squeal with my best friend over shoe sales on Asos.

Heidi Klum is the Queen of Halloween

I’ve always liked Heidi Klum and her and Seal were the ultimate noughties power couple, until she decided that a kiss from a rose was more of a kiss from a turd. Anyway, like I said, I’ve always liked Klumy but I now LOVE her after seeing how strong her Halloween costume game has been over the years. Stuck on a costume idea? Let Heidi’s finesse and utter imagination be your spirit guide to a crazy, wacky and wonderfully dressed Halloween.

Like the year she went as Lady Godiva complete with actual steed.

1 - Copy

Or when she went as Vishnu and painted her whole body blue

2 - Copy

Or completely unrecognisable one year as a Crow

3 - Copy

Or you know had some spare time to knock up this futuristic outfit

4 - Copy

Or when her and then husband Seal rocked it as Apes

5 - Copy

My personal fave, as an inside out muscle human thing

6 - Copy

Heidi is the Queen of Halloween as she rightfully demonstrates here being Cleopatra

7 - Copy

I have so many high hopes of what she’ll turn out as to her annual Halloween party this year.

*All photos borrowed from Vogue.com

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Tart Up For Tartan: This Autumn/Winter’s Favourite Friend

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T’is the season to be dressed well. Just because it’s gradually getting colder, doesn’t mean you have to bring out the dark colours, the overcoat and bundle yourself up into outfit hibernation. In fact, winter is vast becoming one of the most fashionable seasons because of the amount of garments you can wear. Made famous in the fashion world by Vivienne Westwood in the 1990s, our nation’s love for tartan has flooded back into 2015.

Now I’m not afraid of tartan, and i like nothing more than a rollneck and tartan skirt combo for Christmas day but alas, I no longer have the metabolism of my 17 year old self to fit into said tartan skirt any longer and also I used to wear with knee high socks and beret and look all kinds of cute and that just isn’t a thing anymore for ye old 24. Here are some mega warm (not cool) fashion tips.

First thing’s first, grab yourself a tartan scarf. My favourite tartan pattern has to be the traditional wide checked red, but tartan scarves also look fantastic in greens, blues and burnt oranges. If you’re not brave enough for a bigger piece of clothing, then compliment your outfit with a subtle but statement piece such as this.

The tartan skirt. A staple for any winter wardrobe, it can be as long or as short as you want. The magic of the tartan skirt is that is just makes any plain outfit into something else. Team with a traditional turtle neck and some knee high boots for a winter winner.

The tartan dress. Now this is for the brave, or at least it used to be. Whether a pencil dress, shift or skater, the tartan dress is big in the winter season, just look at some of the celebs like Rihanna and Lauren Conrad for some inspiration. Team with killer heels and a leather jacket for that pretty tough girl look.

Tartan trousers have to be my favourite tartan garment of the season. Team with a romantic blouse for daytime, and stylish crop top for the evening. An outfit, not to be ignored.

Are you Scottish or have Scottish ancestry? Well you can actually use your surname in many generators on the Internet to find out your exclusive tartan, you can order the material and have it fashioned into skirts, trouser, dresses, scarves, you name it, all unique to you. But be warned, this is normally a really expensive way of doing it but then on the other hand, tartan lasts a lifetime and is handed down generation for a reason? Yay, overdraft justified.