The Truth about…Working From Home

‘I love working from home, I get some much more done’…how often do we hear those famous last words? I work in an industry where Fridays in the office don’t really exist. Whilst my friends and boyfriend trundle through a 5 day week of non stop madness, everything in my office tends to be at a quieter and much more, dare I say it, relaxing pace come Friday morning.

Friday coming from Old English is composed of Frige (genetive singular of Freo) + dæg “day. Freo meaning free. So Friday is the Free-Day. Most of us choose to extend our weekends with a Friday off. Out of the office on Friday, returning Monday when I’ll respond to your email, is one of the most common sentences typed in any out of office emails and since I’ve worked in the media many people choose Friday as the day they’re likely to work from home.

But how much work do you really get done from home on a Friday? People like my mum, they get more work done at home because my mum is all kinds and shades of sensible that I’m just not, I’m hoping that I’ll grow into being able to work from home as well as her one day. But for now I’ll stick with being in the office on a Friday, and not working from home.

Friday last I took the day off, and wanted to get a bit of personal writing done. After 3 episodes of Towie and a stint of watching a cringey yet entertaining show called Stand By Your Man; I sat down to write at 4pm… I had been home since Midday. It gave me a reminiscent feeling of studying for my A Levels at home, with all the distractions of a good TV (or an actual TV, I don’t actually own one) and working internet (I don’t have that in my flat either) or full cupboards of wotsits and kitkats (nope, none of those either) and I fell asleep on the sofa watching Back to the future.

So whilst the rest of people work from home on Friday, I’ll sit in the office and get much more done because no one else is actually there to distract me.


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