My Holiday Make Up & Beauty Essentials

I usually ask for Make Up vouchers for Christmas, which translates into Boots vouchers from my grandad which have come in very handy when I have £0 bank balance with 2 days to go before payday and can no longer buy meal deals with my boots points. Aside from my way to cleverly (I think you’ll agree) being able to slightly homeless style feed myself before payday, I love this time of year for all the beauty products I can try and and test without them melting off my face in summer heat. Damn you summer you were not designed for gingers. I’ve comprised a shortlist (or short list, however you choose to see it) of my favourite products to use around these drab and dark winter months and leave me a comment if you agree or have any other suggestions!

  1. Cowshed – Cow Pat – Moisturising Hand Creme 50ml – £8 instore & online

Okay so I’ve always loved Cowshed products because they smell amazing and I’m always looking for a decent hand cream that doesn’t grease up my hands and this one is the one. It’s compact so can fit in my handbag, and it smells amazing, and the formula is a little sticky at first but dries to be like a creamy velvety texture and I love it.

2. Glo & Ray – Nuage Blush in Breaking Ray – £11 online

This blusher makes me happy. Not only because it’s a warm coral tone that suits my paler complexion but it’s really not too pigmented which means you can build up a little bit of colour as you go. The handy compact comes with a little brush and mirror so it’s prefect for popping in my handbag and using for touch ups. Have to thank Blasmin for this blush which was a ‘cheer up you’ve got no phone present’.

3. Philosophy Divine Color Cream-to-Satin Foundation spf 25 LIGHT – Approx £10 online




Now I actually bought this foundation compact at a make up sale at my work, so I got it for £5 and I don’t actually wear it as an everyday foundation because I find the coverage a bit thick for daywear. However, it’s great on a night out because it stays put, (I find that it works really well with MUA Primer, Superdrug £2) and I also keep it in my handbag for little day touch ups because of the handy little brush that comes with it. LOVE HANDY LITTLE BRUSHES.

4. Sainsbury’s Extra Firm Hold Hairspray 300ml – £0.90 instore & online

Image for Sainsbury's Extra Firm Hold Hairspray 300ml from Sainsbury's

I bought this hairspray because I just needed one at that moment and just wanted to buy a cheapy before I got my usual Vo5 all weather facing. But you know what, this hairspray is great! My hair actually stays put all day, but getting caught in wind makes this hairspray make your hair a little notty. But for 90p, you pay £3/4 more for hairspray that does little if to nothing different.

5. Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Fair to Medium Skin Body Lotion 200ml – £6but cheaper online 


I bought this buy one get one free in Superdrug so I bought the Fair to Medium and the Medium to Dark. I tend to use the Fair to Medium as a nightly moituriser and the Medium to Dark to build up colour over a few days (usually 2/3 will do the trick nicely) for when I’m going out. The forumla smells really nice, slightly biscuity but that’s really not a problem for me, and it has a smooth textures, and is non greasy and quick drying. I’ve found it to be streak free and long lasting, but I am quite the expert of fake tanning having done it for 10 years. If you leave your feet and only skim the top, then it’s going to look like you wore dolly shoes when you applied it. IT’s a good gradual tanner, one of the best I’ve used and gives me a wintery ski holiday glow but it’s not a miracle worker and you have to be aware it’s only going to develop in the places you work it in.

I’m going to be doing a few more health and beauty posts in the New Year so if you have any suggestions, please drop me a comment below.

RTS Futures Event – I Made It In Digital – 27/04/2015


Attending this event last night with my friend and co-founder of an exciting new venture, I expected the same kind of deal from an RTS Futures event, a whole lot about what you can do in the future but not a lot about how to get there.

However this appointment hosted at The Hospital Club put forward a panel that in the world of digital are golden and the best part is, it was young people giving advice to other young people, older people and anyone that has an interest in digital people.

On the panel hosted by the ever entertaining and BBC Radiobabe Alice Levine was Steve Bartlett, a 22 year old (and definite heartthrob) entrepreneur, successful on the back of the UK’s largest influencer marketing agency Social Chain; Fleur De Force one of YouTube’s highest viewed beauty and style vloggers; Dan Biddle, Head of Broadcast Partnerships @Twitter (and resident funny guy too); and the ever so fashionable Kat Hebden who heads up the teams for the UK brands you might have heard of such as X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. Together this super panel promised to deliver to us young hopefuls, the chance to understand why they themselves made it in digital, but also why their business models made it too.

A summary of points from the panel-


  • Building yourself up as a commodity takes time and means you have to be proactive on yourself. No one to tell you what to do and when to do it but yourself.
  • Being passionate about your content is as important as the content itself, if you’re not, it shows.
  • Adapt your skills as you go along. Just because you don’t know anything about X,Y,Z doesn’t mean you can’t learn it along the way and incorporate these new skills later on.
  • There is pressure to deliver good content, make sure the content is fitting in with the brand’s (whether a person or product) personality is the first step.

Broadcast Vs Digital

  • The speed of decisions is different; you can be much more reactionary. You can find out about a topic or product, review it and plug it all in the same day in a matter of hours.
  • You can go back on digital by deleting. Something doesn’t get a good reaction? Delete. Something doesn’t get a reaction at all? Delete.
  • With digital you can pay attention to audience feedback and this can generate new ideas as well as make decisions on future projects.

Questions to ask yourself

  • How am I/my product/my brand relevant to my chosen audience?
  • Am I consistent with promoting myself/my product/my brand?
  • Is my content engaging and starting a conversation among my chosen audience?

Things to remember

  • Don’t be the cool dad on Twitter trying to get down with the kids. Be yourself and this will show with how you appear online.
  • Don’t watch other people’s/brands content and replicate, or think that’s how it should be done, find your own niche.
  • Don’t be afraid to just do it. If it doesn’t work, that’s why there’s a big Delete button.

I think the discussion was summed up very well by Kat Hebden who said. ‘Content online will change along with how we consume’. Digital is an ever changing world/cyberspace and there’s no better time to join in and give it a go in whatever shape or form.

The next RTS Event is First Dates: Falling in Love with Ideas being held just round the corner from the BBC on Hallam Street on Monday 11th May and tickets can be purchased for £10 from the RTSFutures Website here.

Beauty Bible: Elizabeth Arden Smokey Eyes Powder Eye Pencil

Now this little cheeky was a freebie from when I had a terrible facial at the Oxford Street store. I complained and I complained, and I chased and I tweeted about the treatment or lack of treatment that me and my friend received when we booked our facials at their store.

Anyway, kindly, the team at Elizabeth Arden sent me some lovely gifts to say sorry and the Smokey Eyes Powder Eye Pencil was one of them. Now I’m not really a smokey eye kind of girl. I have been known to black my eyes a bit too panda-like in the past, and when my dad made a comment about my sister (bless her) having ‘two black eyes’ from her overuse of eyeliner…it made me think just how easy it is for it to go wrong.

I normally stay away from eyeliner in the day time, and leave it to dramatise my eyes at night. I’ve never been one of those girls who can pull off a heavy look in the day, damn you grunge look, why don’t you like me? But with the arrival of this beauty (and expensive beauty, it retails at around £18) I thought why not give it a go.

I put a slight bit in the corners of eyes and smudged with the foam applicator at the other end of the brush, and considering I’d not lined my whole eyes, the effect already was pretty dramatic. I got asked at work if I was wearing more make up than usual by several colleagues and I did feel slightly self conscious that I may have entered the realm of ‘ho make up’ for work…

After a few hours, I forgot about it, and bloody rubbed my eye didn’t I! Well just as well because upon going to the bathroom, I realised that the ‘powder’ part of this pencil product was just that and it had flaked underneath my eyes, leaving me as panda-ry as ever. It’s such a shame because this light wear and tear has put me off using it for nights out now where I’ll be dancing and getting sweaty. I don’t want the fear of my eyeliner running down my face like someone on E in the Hacienda in 1991. Those are just not the vibes I’m going for. Overall I don’t rate this product and definitely not for the hefty price. Like I said, I’m not a regular eyeliner user, but for the products I have used, I’ve found cheaper ones like Collection 2000 and Miss Sporty have had better staying power than this ‘powder’ version.

Overall rating: 2/10

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